The Sand Saga is an independent single-person project. It still contains no ads! Generally, I enjoy developing Sand Saga, but some aspects increasingly feel like work rather than a free time activity. Managing the infrastructure and fulfilling many of the players' requests are not actually fun for me to do. With your financial support, I would develop the game further with greater joy and cover the costs of servers and infrastructure. If the support were substantial, I could develop the game full-time.

Development Plan There is no strictly defined plan, but what is coming in the near future is usually announced in Sand Saga's monthly update. Sand Saga has the potential to be improved and expanded in many aspects:
  • Sand Game JS Engine – New elements, new mechanics, particles, explosions, improved rigid bodies, higher entities (people, animals...), modability/extensibility/scripting...
  • Sand Saga JS – New scenarios and mini-games
  • Sand Saga Server – Workshop and other community features

Supporter Badge Players who obtain the supporter badge have special privileges. They now have access to extra tools in the Sand Saga Sandbox and more will be announced in the coming months. The supporter badge can be obtained through financial support and, in rare cases, non-financial support – see below. The supporter badge is permanent and will remain valid even if the minimum payment increases later. Therefore, early supporters have an advantage.


You can pay via PayPal. The payment will be automatically linked to your account.

Step 1 – Log In

Please log in with Discord. If you don't have an account, creating one is fast.

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Step 2 – Pay

Pay at least 5.00 USD. Note: you are not logged in.

* The payment is considered a donation.
* You will receive the supporter badge, but the badge does not create any legal, material, or other claims.

In case of problems, please contact me on Discord or via email at


You can also pay via cryptocurrencies. Before sending, please send me info about your intention on Discord so that I can manually link the payment with your account. You don't need to wait for a response.

BTC: bc1qe6f267rxf5dy9c5kjvwydau5eg83mvzs7srfxm
ETH: 0x3316506F0061a39592D4402A0B954D617309f5bb

Non-Financial Support

There are other ways to support the game. The smallest, but significant thing is to tell your friends about it. You can also support the game by spreading the word on social media, participating in discussions on forums, and other platforms. Just make sure not to spam :).

If you're technically inclined, you can try creating a scenario (requires programming).

Thank you!